The Story…

Doug Bormann was a top Major in the British Special Forces. His military career was spent leading units on the most extreme missions, mostly small, nasty insurgencies, rebellions, civil wars, and other such guerrilla conflicts. He was THE BEST !!! His final mission had been as the leader of the mission to “take out” the vicious terrorist known as “Dhoruba”, renowned for his sadistic torture and extreme acts of cruelty against local populations of villagers in Afghanistan. No-one had actually ever seen Dhoruba, with only a tiny few no. of known photos of him, and in all of which his face was always covered.

Major Bormann led the final raid that caught up with Dhoruba in a brothel in Kandahar. With a watertight security ring around him, and with seemingly an excellent intelligence network, Dhoruba had proved impossible for any specialist teams to get close enough to terminate him, or for any drones to accurately target him. However, through extreme measures and personal hardship, Bormann managed to get the closest anyone ever had to Dhoruba, actually observing him inside the building while laser targeting it. He called in the airstrike that destroyed the brothel with Dhoruba still inside.

So when Bormann is approached by John Costello and a special protection team, while walking in the park with his wife and son, and Costello informs him that Dhoruba seems to be operating again ten years later in the small nation of Rabashah, Bormann is taken totally by surprise. He is certain this cannot be true, and is shocked at the news. But much more worrying is the dossier that Costello has with him, seized in a raid in Rabashah, showing pictures of Bormann with his wife ! He has been under surveillance by persons unknown.

Bormann is persuaded to come “back on board” with the special unit that had been setup since Bormann retired, that now dealt with missions of this nature, namely the British Special Forces “Special Intervention Regiment”, in order to finally, once and for all, “take care” of Dhoruba. John Costello insists Bormann’s wife Amanda and his son should enter protective custody under his team.

Amanda Bormann is very unhappy at this course of action, having thought that the life they had led before was long gone, where she had supported him though the toughest times of his career, where she had put up with many, long nights alone, and where she had stood by him, despite her fear, worry and trepidation that he’d never come back. She thought those days were well and truly behind them.

The team are assembled, under the leadership of the tough, young captain – Bill Marshall. He, along with his crack unit, reminds Bormann of who he was and what he did years before. While Marshall acknowledges the experience and quality of Bormann, he is annoyed that his team might be compromised by the presence of a long retired officer, albeit someone of Bormann’s “level”.

The team are dropped into Rabashah, and set about their mission of finding Dhoruba. However, back in the U.K., John Costello has a meeting with his superiors.

And it soon becomes apparent, that all is not as straightforward as it would first appear…