The Fanatic project has a full “story arc”, with storylines and foundation scripts in place, “ready to go”. We seek and welcome the expression of serious support, interest, and / or backing [financial], from serious and quality producers or production
companies, and of course going forwards, the securing of that support, allowing us to enter into full production of the project. With expression of interest from any source, we will provide the Fanatic “Project Bible”, along with full story treatments, detailing the ongoing plans and “vision” as to how we can bring the project to full realisation.

Ideally, Gilnockie Films & Projects are keen to obtain support from any funding and / or production / producer source(s), that believes it will be important to maintain a high level of our involvement and input in the creative and editorial decision making and control of the Fanatic project. The core / key personnel we assembled to bring the project to life are we believe, really integral / essential to accurately fulfil the “vision” we have for the Fanatic story.

Consequently, we suggest that the ideal way of achieving this, will be to establish a creative “joint venture”, therefore maximising the creative talents of both the Fanatic directorial / creative team and core / key personnel, with any producer and / or production team that comes “on board”.

As strong advocates of the principle of “synergy”, namely that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, we believe this would be the ideal way to take the Fanatic project forwards and to maximise it’s chances of being a huge success !

Fanatic Core / Key Personnel…

The core / key personnel involved with the Fanatic project, and integral to the successful “manifesting” of the story are –

Luke Aherne : Director and Story Creator
Alan C McGlaughlin : Director of Photography
Duncan Airlie James : Major Bormann, and Executive Producer
Perry Costello : Armourer & Special Effects
Chris Quick : Project Support – web, photos, media, etc
Ross Campbell : Music

Naturally, we acknowledge that nothing is “written in stone”, and accept that any / all personnel involved in the Fanatic project going forward would be mutually agreeable to both / all parties concerned.

If interested in discussing your interest in the Fanatic project, please contact us using the form below

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