Fanatic is the first project from Gilnockie F. & P. The company was founded in 2015, and was established to bring to fruition top quality, media productions, for both cinema and T.V.

With undertaking such an ambitious first project, the company is focused primarily on bringing the Fanatic project to it’s full manifestation, namely a top quality t.v. series, with naturally, all the major possibilities that can potentially follow from that, e.g. further / future seasons, feature film, offshoot series, etc. Alongside the realisation of the initial Fanatic series, we are also looking at multiple ways of supportive marketing and offshoot business, including : merchandising, computer games, a Fanatic comic book, and other such media.

Fanatic is a short film / TV drama, following the exploits of a top special forces team, sent to hunt down a terrorist that has seemingly resurfaced after being “dark” for many years. The project is an earthy, hard edged, gritty and powerful drama, that aims to show both sides of the human spirit and persona – light and dark, at their best and worst!

The project was begun in order to make a fantastic piece of drama, which would “start” off the superb story that Fanatic is. To do this effectively with the resources that were available to Gilnockie F. & P., the plan has been to utilise some of the finest, new, non “established” acting talent in the country, along with some of the best creative filmmakers and supportive film production people the country has to offer, all in a collaborative, mutually beneficial effort to produce something that everyone involved with the project could feel extremely proud of.

We strongly feel we have achieved this aim.